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Sunday, June 24, 2012

When 3D attacks

A man was robbed by watching the film Avatar on his 3D tv. He was robbed by one of the 3D images from the film.

The unknown man, aged 69 , told holy duck, " I was watching the film and then next thing I know everything was getting taken from my house"

"it was so scary, but the crazy thing was once I took the 3D glasses off everything was still gone"

"so I tried fighting that tv but it was just too strong"

This shocking news has meant Sony have put out a warning, not to buy their products.

So do you think this will put you off buying a 3D, us at holy duck believe 3D muggings are the way forward!


  1. OMG dat 3D is scari!

  2. Tots still gonna buy a 3D tv


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